A long way from home – Supporting The MylifE Foundation

Something terrible has happened to a small organization in South Africa. A friend of mine Linzi Thomas who’s spent 18 years as the director of The MylifE foundation has received word that funding is not coming in and at a critical point in the village’s evolution. They are now unable to continue building a school (pay labour costs) and provide services to the youth. Reports of drugs have already begun circulating throughout the local villages changing the behaviour of the children and the rest of the community showcasing just how important Linzi and the MylifE foundation’s work are.

The MylifE Foundation has been working tirelessly on the sustainable development of the MylifE Village concept for the past 6 years. They are building a ‘creative community’ for the Next Generation. The MylifE Villages will be a place where, using eco-principles, youth – otherwise trapped in unemployment, poverty and hopelessness – have the opportunity for healing and to be skilled into sustainable and inspired members of society, contributing to economic development and a peaceful society.


The model is a “Train the Trainer” programme based on climate, soil, food, water, shelter and love. It will provide training and skills development for children in all areas of Green Building and Food Production. This will be realized through hands-on-work, practical learning and experience in a real-life, self-sufficient creative community. The MylifE Villages will provide children with the tools they need to change their lives and communities for the better.

Their work is something that I really believe in and I’m trying to raise money for them and so to do this I’ve written an original song specifically for the situation here called “A long way from home”.

Money raised will be spent on experts on radical sustainable buildings (www.lwhome.org/) who will then be able to transfer skills to rural South African youth.

You can learn more about the MylifE Foundation here: http://www.mylife.org.za/blog/ 


You tried to give, it all you had
Feels like your all, just made the world mad

You’re a long way from home
You’ll find your way back soon

But you give life, to those you meet
All the people that you see

Yeah, they’re a long way from home
they’ll find their way back soon

Don’t you quit, carving that path
it’s not of stone, but it’ll last

It’s not far from home
You’ll find your way back soon


We’re a long way from home

And we’ll find our way back soon…

A long way from home… We’ll find a way

Sometimes the walls they come crashing in
A chance to rebuild, grow a second skin

We’ll build a home
We’ll build a home for you

The lessons learned, in adversity
Teach us all, to cope purposely

I’m a long way from home
But I’ll find my way back soon

And if you fail, just look around
At the faces you’ve found

They’ve found their home
They’ve found a home in you


What is freedom?

I bought a poem off a homeless person with all the money in my wallet… It wasn’t much £2.40 and reading it made me realise just how bad it must be to watch people everyday who appear to have so much. There really aren’t enough opportunities for homeless people and the new government and things you hear about such as fines for sleeping on the street upset me.


What I did isn’t going to make a difference but at least he can get some temporary relief.

Shan Fraser (a friend) had the great idea of writing a song around the lyrics and put all the earnings towards charity. So please buy the track and help support a local homeless charity.

You can buy the track here: