Crowdfunding an E.P/Album

The music business is a cruel and shallow money
trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and
pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.
There’s also a negative side. – Hunter S. Thompson

I studied music technology at college and can say that the music industry is indeed a cruel and shallow money trench and I’ve spent countless hours wondering whether I would want to get involved in such a scene. The answer is no… However I would like to record an E.P and play in front of the people who enjoy my music and this is why I have decided to start this project.

It’s not just an opportunity for me to fund an E.P, this is an opportunity for me to get closer to the people who listen and give them something back for supporting me.

This is why I need your support:

  • Studio Time
  • Mixing/Mastering sessions
  • CD production

Each CD will be housed in 100% recyclable card and is environmentally friendly. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

If I achieve funding over £1,500 I will record a full album!

That’s right… I have enough songs for an album, however I have allocated myself 15 hours of studio time for the E.P and my weakness is being a perfectionist. This means that whilst I would be able to record an album within that time, I might not be happy with the results. Funding over £1,500 would give me some more time in the studio to complete the album to a high standard. It may be that I genuinely do have enough time to complete the album within the given time, it’s just unpredictable…

If I achieve funding over £2,000 I will record a B side with collaboration tracks that I’ve written over the years with some extremely talented singers/musicians.

I know some talented musicians that have collaborated with me in the past and funding over £2,000 would allow me to get them into the studio and record to a professional standard. This would be incredible!

The idea of independently financing anything with the help of other people just makes sense, doesn’t it? People know what they want and I think generally find great pleasure in helping aspiring individuals onto their feet. By the way I’m writing you might think I’m delusional that it will work… I’m well aware of the drawbacks of being a first timer, being relatively inexperienced at marketing and  promotions. It’s going to be tough going and I plan to document everything that happens so that if the project fails I will know where I went wrong and should it succeed I will know what I did right!

I will keep you all posted on what I’m up to.